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Holden, MA
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District 4 Playoff Baseball

Congratulations to all the players named to the Holden Baseball District All Star teams.

Follow along here to find score updates for our teams!

  • 12YO TEAM - Pool Play
    • Sat 09/26 4:00PM Burkett LL 8, Holden LL 1
    • Tue 09/29 8:00PM Holden LL 12, Gehrig LL 5
    • Fri 10/02 7:00PM Holden LL vs Cobb LL (at Holden)
    • Mon 10/05 5:00PM Holden LL vs Barry LL (at Schwartz)


  • 11YO TEAM - Pool Play
    • Sat 09/26 7:30PM Holden LL 18, Schwartz LL 2 (5 inn.)
    • Sun 09/27 4:00PM Holden LL 11, Gehrig LL 0
    • Tue 09/29 6:00PM Holden LL 4, Rutland LL 3


  • 10YO TEAM - Pool Play
    • Sat 09/26 4:00PM Holden LL 11, Gehrig LL 0 (4 inn.)
    • Mon 09/28 8:00PM Holden LL 6, Burkett LL 2
    • Wed 09/30 8:00PM Holden LL vs Gibbs LL (at Gehrig)
    • Sun 10/04 5:00PM Holden LL vs Rutland LL (at Gehrig)



by posted 09/23/2020
Holden Baseball / Softball Safety Guidelines

Hello baseball/softball families,

For the fall season, we are still under the youth sports guidelines provided by the Governor of Massachusetts. These guidelines apply to all games and practices at the CRA, Mountview, and Bubar (Senior Center) which are organized and run by our league.

Player Guidelines:

  • All players, while on the bench, wear a cloth or paper mask. 
  • All coaches must wear a mask. 
  • Umpires will not be required to wear a mask, but will stay at least 6' away from the players on the field, and will put on a mask for any discussions with a coach.
  • All players and coaches must have a mask on when the team is gathered in group chats with the team. 
  • All players must wear a mask when hitting, and while on first base as a runner. 
  • Player may wear a mask as a fielder if they choose to do so.

Spectator Guidelines:

  • Only attend games of your child. This summer is different in that we ask that you do not come to the fields when it is not your family's game night. 
  • We ask that you arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before start time, and promptly exit at the conclusion of the game.
  • Fans are now required to wear a mask while at the field, social distancing or not, a mask must be worn.
  • Despite the venue being outside, the request to wear a mask is important to helping to keep people safe, especially when talking to friends we see at the field. 
  • As a board we also ask that you supervise your non-baseball/softball playing children at all times while at the field. 
  • These above new procedures are part of the state direction on play.  If we can not follow the required direction, we risk having to stop the season.  Please help us to keep the games on and our population safe. 
  • Pets will not be allowed at the field  
  • We have created a player only area at the CRA fields using yellow caution tape for a bench area. Please do not enter this area.  Our coaches clean this area after each game, and we wish to keep things as clean as possible.
  • Holden Baseball/Softball requests that immediate family only attend games.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to help make the season successful and safe for all.

by posted 07/09/2020
League Questions

Curious about how the league operates?

Levels of play?

Length of season?


For answers to these and more questions see the FAQ and Information for Parents links on the left side menu.

by posted 02/17/2016
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Holden Baseball has many opportunities for new volunteers. Please stop in at a Board Meeting on the First Tuesday of each month (September through June) at 7:00 PM at either the CRA Hit Center or Alden Labs.

Contact holdenbaseball@gmail.com for more details.

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