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Holden, MA
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For ALL levels of play, at ALL facilities, for ALL activities (practices/games/etc), these are the guidelines currently in place for Holden Baseball and Softball


  • No dugout use, players will use designated distanced spots on the bleacher areas
  • Each player will have a numbered section of fence for their gear bag
  • Player seating will be disinfected after each game
  • No sharing of player equipment, so each player will need to bring their own bat/glove/helmet
  • No sharing of catcher's gear, but we may be able to assign a set of gear to one player if a team does not have a catcher with gear
  • No food / snacks for players (water / sports drink only)
  • Snack shack will be CLOSED
  • A strict 3 coach limit per team will be enforced
  • Coaches MUST wear masks at all times
  • Player masks are required in the bench area and during huddles or team gatherings
  • Player masks are required in the field (batting, running, or fielding) at all times per Governor Baker
  • The umpire will be behind the pitcher, not at home plate
  • Each team will have their own baseballs/softballs
  • We will disinfect used baseballs/softballs after each inning, or as needed
  • Parents can view games via spacing from the entire perimeter of the fields where possible
  • Per Governor Baker, all spectators are required to wear masks regardless of social distancing
  • We ask that families do not bring family dogs to the CRA complex

We ask each family to follow CDC guidelines regarding sickness or fever before attending an event. 

VOLUNTEERS: As the requirements for social distancing and cleaning have been implemented by the state and Little League International, we are asking that you indicate your willingness to abide by these guidelines for the 2021 season when you fill out your volunteer forms.